Weekly Linkfest

I'm going to London next week (where I'll might be tempted to get a Kinect), so this is probably the last linkfest till mid-December. I'll try to keep my twitter account updated with interesting links while I'm away. Anyway, here's this week's linkfest:
I never met the guys from Layar in person, but I think I would really enjoy a conversation with any one of the founders. I think the secret of their success is not luck or being first to market (which they weren't), but being both highly intelligent, yet very nice folks. Here's a short interview with Claire Boonstra on Layar's past and future. Winning quote - Augmented reality is the next mass medium, the first unboxed medium:

TEDxAmsterdam: Thought Leaders Series - Claire Boonstra from Klaas Kleiterp on Vimeo.

Have a great week!


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