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Some other AR news from around the web:
  • Mobilizy the company behind Wikitude, is now developing an application named Zenith to augment your night skies. "You point your camera at the night sky - and get a star map", according to this article from the BBC. A very cool (and relatively simple) idea!
  • Robert Rice relaunched Neogence's site. Still not a lot of info about what they are all about.
  • YDreamers are playing in an augmented world.
  • In 2002 we were promised augmented reality navigation systems for our cars. I, for one, am still waiting.
Some news concerning this site:
  • Please welcome our newest tag - "Novelty AR". I'll use this tag to mark any post that concerns augmented reality that was done in the sake of augmented reality and not much more. Usually this definition fits all those AR projects that augment a very specific item, and don't really augment reality, such as Topps' augmented baseball cards, the Mini ad and GE's smart grid. I took the term "Novelty AR" from Robert Rice who defined it as “cool for five minutes but ultimately a waste of time.”
  • If you have any AR related news, please contact me. My address is right there on the right panel.


Jon Tayler said...

Regarding the "Zenith" app - there's already an application on the Android Market that does this: it's called Sky Map and has been around since mid-November. See: http://skymapforandroid.com

rouli said...

Hmmm, interesting. I don't have an Android phone to check it out, and no details are available on Zenith, but it seems that Skymap just draws the sky map at the current direction you're looking at, while Zenith will be more "augmenty", and will draw the map on your camera feed. I may be wrong, but I'm extrapolating from looking at Wikitude.

Anyway, I Skymap is a cool application on its own, and I admit that Zenith seems less novel now :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, don´t forget this one:




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