IBM Serves an Augmented Reality Wimbledon

While SPRXMobile enables you to experience an augmented version of the Netherlands (and the whole world in the the future), IBM has more modest goals in mind. Available from next Monday on the Android store, IBM's Seer Android Beta will add some AR magic to the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Using it, visitors can find facilities on ground (locating the nearest restrooms), but more impressively, they can "point the phone at a tennis court, find out the court number and also who's playing and more crucially, who's winning".

As with Layar, IBM Seer Android Beta lets you choose between different layers of metadata (and it seems that unlike Layar, one can choose to see more than one layer at a time). Moreover, the not specialized name of this app (i.e. not calling it "IBM Augmented Wimbledon") suggests that IBM may have more deep interest in augmented reality location based services. Days will tell if my hunch here is correct.

More details can be found here.


David Beaney said...

Hey nice catch. These are getting to be the new wave of AR, and I have to say I much prefer these applications to the hundreds of marker based ones we have seen.

I find it interesting how AR can be approached from such different directions. This has no image processing, in fact it doesn't even care that a camera exists! I suppose the next logical step is a combination of this 'geospatial' technique AR and computer vision to achieve the next level. Looking forward to it. :)

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