Concept Glasses to Photoshop Reality

Good magazine has apparently asked some interviewees to imagine that will improve their daily life. The two ladies in the video below, Freya Estreller and Natasha Case, came up with Photoshop Glasses. A first step to improving the world may be seeing how much better it could be:

If you happen to think that's a far fetched idea, you are probably right. However, we already saw head tracking software that puts on virtual masks on faces. So maybe in your next job interview, if the interviewer just looks a tad like your ex-boyfriend, all you'll need to do is wear some dorky glasses, and see him as Optimus Prime.

via Red Tory


Lester - AugmentedPlanet said...

The hardware that you would need to carry around to support that type of solution would be huge.

But I think they would be the ultimate beer goggles.

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