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Editor note: OOPS!
Originally this post was scheduled for early December, but somehow I forgot to publish it. Sorry Locatory guys!

As veteran readers of this blog surely know, official development of Gamaray, an AR browser for Android was terminated, and its code has been open-sourced. Recently I've learned about an interesting project by a team from the Open University of the Netherlands, named Locatory, based on Gamaray's code.

The game's premise is admittedly not that exciting -

The concept of game is rather easy. Players can compete with each other and gather cards that are hidden in augmented reality. Once a card is taken, it can be dropped at a physical location (figure 3, B). When a card is dropped at the correct location, the player receives a point. (source)

but it's exciting to see that one can create (semi) augmented reality games in relative ease (especially since Locatory's own code is freely available). After all, how far is a game such as Locatory from a geo-caching game? If I were a student these days, I would have a go at it (adult life is full of compromises :/).

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Stefaan said...

Unfortunately, I'm not a student either :(

Thanks for this post and I can only say that I do agree with your comments. The game is not exciting, but we merely programmed it as a demonstrator for interaction with location based AR. In fact we implemented the game in less then a week, which is also why we are not that proud on the code. But at the OU, we have an open source policy :)

Implementing this game had some results. The game and the code inspired another company to implement a kind of geo-caching game for learning: http://t-arena.finalist.com/arena/. The authoring environment is in Dutch. What you produce with this environment plays with Gamaray.

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