Nerdferno and 2 Other Augmented Reality Games from Georgia Tech

In late June, the establishment of Qualcomm Augmented Reality Game Studio was announced, a partnership between Qualcomm and Georgia Tech's Augmented Environments Lab, with the goal of "pioneering new advancements in mobile gaming and interactive media". Six months later, the first crop of mobile based games is coming out of the studio, and this blogger is far from disappointed.

Shotgun Showdown is a two players western styled shooting game which utilizes two $20 bills as an arena/required marker. I wonder whether the winner takes both bills.

If you thought that tracking dollar bills was original, than get ready for Volcano Fever, a game that uses condom wrappers as a marker. It's more than just a weird artistic choice by the game designer. The goal of Volcano Fever is to teach proper condom use.

I understand the volcano metaphor, but what's the octopus supposed to symbolize? ... Anyway, next is, as promised, Nerdferno, a game that puts you in a God like position, determining the fate of cubicle dwellers. If you looked for original AR content, you've found it:

You can read more about these games and others, such as Spintopia and Bug Juice, on the studio's website, and about previous AR games from Georgia Tech here.


Unknown said...

Very excited to see where these gaming developments go. I don't suppose any of these are for public consumption yet?

Augmented Reality said...

Some great little mobile Augmented Reality apps.

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vegita said...

"Kudos to Qualcomm and Georgia Tech's Augmented Environments Lab for pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming with the innovative AR Game Studio. Shotgun Showdown's unique use of $20 bills as markers adds a thrilling twist, leaving me curious if winners claim both bills. Volcano Fever takes edutainment to a whole new level, using condom wrappers as markers to teach proper usage, while Nerdferno lets players play god over cubicle dwellers, offering a truly original AR experience. The creativity in these games, including Spintopia and Bug Juice, truly sets the Qualcomm AR Game Studio apart! Domestic Violence Central Registry New Jersey | Civil Protective Order In New Jersey

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