Augmented Reality in 2010 - How Did Our Predictions Fare?

Last year I asked a group of AR bloggers and the readers of Games Alfresco and Augmented Times to guess what 2010 holds for augmented reality. You can see them all here. A year has passed, and 2011 is just around the corner, it's time to confront reality and check how prescient were we. Remember, this post is not about making fun of some or praise others. Actually, most of our predictions were incorrect, but at least we are not shy about them.

Top three accurate predictions

Top three inaccurate predictions
So, what are your predictions for 2011?


Matthew Szymczyk said...

Here are my predictions:

1. You'll finally start seeing investment from VC's in U.S. based AR companies (to date, Ogmento is only U.S. based company to receive initial round of funding.)

2. Kiosk and Web based AR will be main areas of investment by brands despite the hype around mobile AR

3. Towards the end of 2011, you'll start seeing M&A activity with the large companies like Google, Apple, etc. purchasing AR companies that have specific patents or technologies. In 2012, you'll likely start seeing further consolidation and M&A with AR companies themselves

4. Microsoft will make Kinect open source

5. Adobe Molehill will change the web AR landscape rendering certain companies "proprietary AR techs" obsolete

Joey1058 said...

I think PrimeSense will licence to other camera Mfg's. Google and Facebook will then create apps that tie into those. MS will then reiterate their "do not hack" policy to save what's left of their proprietary property. HUDs will still flounder without a clear direction for another year or so, unless Apple seizes the opportunity.

Unknown said...

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kate said...

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Unknown said...

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James Brian said...

Its 2022 and we are still very behind in augmented reality development! I have seen a friend of mine facilitating students with dissertation service UK has AR glasses which are still not up to the mark

Alex Mate said...

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