Pac-Man Augmented Evolution

1980, the Japanese Namco corporation develops Pac-Man, making arcade history

2004, researchers from National University of Singapore's Mixed Reality Lab, led by Adrian Cheok, create Human Pacman, a first person version of the classic game, that lets you play the classic game with an augmented reality twist. This twist also means that you have to carry a laptop on your back and wear a HMD on your head.

2011, now you can play a first person version of Pac-Man by just loading Layar on your iPhone, developed by GamePS


Luuk said...

Hello mate,

Thank you for posting our game on your blog, it means a lot to us. Currently we are building the final demonstration video, what will show you exactly how to play this game yourself using our website. In the meantime I'm here to answer any of yours and others questions on this blog.

Luuk - GamePS

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