Vision Based Layar is Coming

And since it's pretty big news (and Layar is a darling of the tech press) you probably already read about it somewhere else.
Here's what you need to know:
  • Documentation is here.
  • Android Beta version is coming in a few weeks. iPhone and Android full versions are coming by the end of Q3.
  • Seems like a "basic" (nothing is basic in this field) image recognition and tracking. Image recognition is done on the device, so augmentation should be relatively snappy.
  • They are going to charge money for this, unless your layer gets less than 1000 matches per month, or if it's a non-profit, artistic or educational layer and the powers to be like it enough. Pricing seems really fair to me.
  • You can win up to $15K by creating a vision based layer.

I think the "share it now" button has a potential to become a huge hit (think Instagram). What do you think?

Update - misunderstood the documentation. You can have different augmentations depending on both location and image.


Anonymous said...

Nothing big about this news, there are many similar AR browsers (such as junaio) with image recognition and tracking. I fail to recognise any tracking in the video, its just plain image recognition.

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jamesanderson said...

Exciting news on Layar's vision-based approach! The "share it now" button could be a game-changer, potentially as big as Instagram. Can't wait to see this innovation in action!
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