Weekly Linkfest

Hope you didn't miss the weekly linkfest's early edition, published yesterday, covering some of the best articles, posts and talks that were published during the week. Here are some more interesting bits from around the AR ecosystems making news this week:
And finally, this week video comes from Hongik University of South Korea. It shows a project named "Will be", created in 2004 (and presented in ISMAR05), which is the augmented reality take on a story board. It's quite nice, though some of the features could have been more accessible if they were implemented via standard GUI, rather than ARUI:


Anonymous said...

SREngine reminds me to the application "Eden of EVE" in the same called japanese anime (Episode 6)

:) Chri

rouli said...

Oops, this post was not supposed to get published till tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

if saturday or sunday doesn`t mather that much ^^

oops, the anime is called "Eden of East", de app "eden of EVE"


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